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Welcome to Defence Lab UK

Defence Lab is a ‘new’ phenomenon that is truly going global. It's truly an evolution within the world of Self-Defence and Martial Arts.

It's unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Great fun, great people, great workout….all whilst learning an ‘incredible’ self-defence system!

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always tested to answer

“Does it Work?”

Always questioning...

...and asking "what if"


Your ability to start dealing with violence, and mass attack scenarios. 

DNA Fight Science...

...always evolving.

Introduction courses

Helping you get a taste of what DL is like

Our next course starts in

Our regular, scheduled


All over South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire


Come and learn the system that's quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenom, the (in)famous Defence IN Attack by Defence Lab, and Andy Norman

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DL Kids

Worried about your kid getting bullied? Think they could do with a confidence boost, or even just a way to make some new friends? Bring them along to our kids class!

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Contact Us

If you'd like more information, or to book a spot in class, please contact us directly at either or

Alternatively, you can call Liam on

(+44) 0 7871 268 080

We're also available on Whatsap! Just press on the logo here: or at the bottom of the page and it'll take you straight to us.

We'll do our best to answer all your questions, as quickly as possible.